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Last Day of School at ECC! 6/21/2013

It was the last day of school for Travis today and Mrs. Roberts’ class had their end of year party over at La Costa Canyon Park.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to wind down a very great school year.  Thanks Debbi and Heather for your organization and all you did for the kids in our class!  Also, thanks Mrs. Roberts for a wonderful school year and all of your extra special support in dealing with our situation!

We look back and can’t seem to figure out where the last 2 weeks went since our last update.  In that time, we had our Faith & Works Meeting and our group is planning the next project we are going to do.  As it turns out, Keith and Beth have arranged for us to participate in a 24 hour relay walk in Carlsbad for the American Cancer Society.  Wow!  More details to come on that.

Tyler had his last day at school and then we attended the last Friday Night Lights game a week ago with the Tennessee Volunteers.  They made Travis the honorary Captain again and what a great game.  Go Vols!

We did another Head Shaving event over at All American Barbershop last weekend where Tony and Tyler had their heads shaved to support Travis and all the other boys who had their heads shaved.  Thanks Eric for your support of us!

We had Father’s Day last weekend so Happy Father’s Day to all you big daddies!

Tyler went off to camp for the week up in the mountains around Julian.  It is called Camp Reach for the Sky and is a camp for siblings of cancer patients and is hosted by the American Cancer Society.  Tyler was really looking forward to it so we can’t wait to hear how things went when we pick him up this weekend.

We had some great, delicious meals provided by the Thompson family, Perret family, Greene family, Kohn family, DeLuca family and Faulstich family.  Thank you all so much for your support of our family!

After we cleaned Travis up from the egg toss at the class party, we had to rush off for his dentist appointment and then down to Rady Children’s Hospital for his post-radiation follow up MRI.  They had to wait about 30 days from the end of his radiation to be able to do the MRI so that there would not be any inflammation.  The MRI took about 2 hours to do both head and spine with and without contrast.  What a Warrior!  We have an appointment next Thursday with our doctor and we should find out the results then.  We are hoping and praying that the results are what we are all expecting.

We arrived home around 8pm and we were all exhausted.  Thank goodness and April that dinner was ready to go!

As Mrs. Roberts said for the last time of the school year, That’s a Wrap!


Lynne and Tony


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