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Fox 5 News at ECC! 6/12/2013

Our El Camino Creek School Principal, Carrie Brown, received a call today from our local Fox 5 News station and they wanted to come out to school to cover the story of the boys shaving their heads in support of Travis.  They interviewed Travis, Lynne, Mrs. Roberts and a bunch of the boys.  The story was put together by Sherri Palmeri and ran on the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm newscasts.  It is too bad that all of the interviews couldn’t be used in the story but rest assured, everyone did a great job.  All of the boys were so articulate and really represented the loving spirit of what they did for their friend.  Even the anchor was choked up as she talked about what these boys did.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a great community and now everyone will know how special they all are.  In the 4th grade California Gold Rush spirit, we feel like we have already “struck it rich.”  Every time we watch one of the videos (yes, we watch them a lot) or think about what has been done for Travis, it brings tears to our eyes.  Amazing!

Fox 5 News Video


Fox 5 News San Diego currently has the story as one of their “Featured Stories” on their main website.


Here is the direct link to the video piece:


Here is the link to the online story:



Tony and Lynne


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