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What a Week! 6/7/2013

Travis started back to school this week and has been enjoying being back in Mrs. Roberts’ class and being with his friends.  Lynne said that Mrs. Roberts is a hard act to follow so she will gladly turn the education reins back over to her.  Through Mrs. Roberts’ organization and support, combined with Travis and Lynne’s hard work, Travis was able to stay pretty much caught up with the class on his school work and he hit the ground running.  He is such a conscientious student and we are so proud of him!

On Monday and Wednesday, Travis made it out to soccer practice with his team to kick the ball around a bit with the boys.  Our local club, Carlsbad Wave FC, posted a welcome home message to Travis with a picture of him in action from last season.  Here is the link if you have a moment to check it out: http://www.carlsbadwavefc.com/wave-welcomes-home-travis-selinka

We also found out that Travis is in part of a video clip from our Houston Dynamo game experience.  We were down by the team locker rooms in the tunnel leading out to the stadium and we were meeting people before the game started.  Some of the Dynamo Girls stopped by to say hi to Travis.  You will see Tony briefly as the Dynamo Girls are walking to the camera and then the captain of their dance team stopped to say hi and take a picture with Travis.  Check out that grin on his face!

Here is the link to the Houston Dynamo Blog: http://www.houstondynamo.com/blog?page=4

You will need to scroll down the Blog to 20 May and find the title called “Video: Tunnelvision – New England Revolution” to play the video.  You have to go to about 1 minute 30 seconds into the video.

Or, you can go to their YouTube video channel directly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJlU7zIR4-A

There is also a Facebook posting of Travis on the MD Anderson Proton Therapy site.  You have to scroll down to the 5/24 date to find Travis.  https://www.facebook.com/MDAndersonProtonTherapy

On Thursday, we had a meeting with Doctor Crawford to discuss our Chemotherapy plan.  He is very happy with Travis’ progress after radiation and he would like to do the follow up MRI around 6/22 to check the radiation progress.  It looks like we will start the chemotherapy regimen just after the 4th of July. Travis will do 6, 28 day cycles which will consist of 3-4 days inpatient in the hospital, then coming back on day 8 as an outpatient and then he will be done for the remainder of the 28 days.  Of course, this will all be subject to how his counts are doing and how he is able to take the treatment.  For you technical types (you know who you are), CISplatin will be given on Day 1, VinCRIStine will be given on Days 1 and 8, Cyclophosphamide will be given on Days 2 and 3, and Filgrastim will be given on Days 4-14 (at home).

Thursday evening, Tyler was recognized at his school’s Award Ceremony for his outstanding school work and advanced achievement on the California standardized testing. Great job and we are proud of you too!

This week, we had great dinners provided by the Stanford and Ortiz families.  Thank you all so much…everything was delicious!


Tony and Lynne


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