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Locks of Love, the Sequel! 6/7/2013

We heard some of the 4th grade boys from El Camino Creek wanted to stand with Travis in his fight against cancer and help make him feel comfortable as he goes through various side effects from his treatments (i.e. hair loss).  So, they organized a head shaving event at All American Barber Shop off Encinitas Blvd (by the Wendy’s in the shopping center) where they had their heads shaved in support Travis.  Even some of the girls came by to show their support of the boys.  Wow!  It is impossible to keep a dry eye just thinking about what they all did.  Thank you guys (and your families) for sacrificing your locks in such a loving way for one of your brothers!  What a great looking bunch of guys.  We have never seen such perfectly shaped heads before…how does that happen?  Thanks to Deanna Archer for organizing this very outward show of support! Thanks to Sarah Givens for arranging to have Daniel Woolfolk from the Encinitas Patch come out and cover the story (we will post a link as soon as the article is out)! Thanks also to Eric and All American Barber Shop for donating their expert services and your positive support!  Lynne said that the boys went in to get their hair cut and came out young men.  We can’t thank you all enough…go Team Travis!


Tony and Lynne


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