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Week 6 is Underway! 5/20/2013


Week 6!

As we head into Week 6, our final week, there are so many things to be done but the time is flying by.  We had our proton appointment and then headed over to the big hospital for a follow up hearing test.  They compared the results to those at the beginning of radiation and everything looks the same.  We then had to take Tony to the airport so that he could head home to Carlsbad.  This was the last flight he has to take back home since when he comes on Thursday, we will all be driving home.

We have been working diligently to keep up with Travis’ school work.  It is not easy with all we have going on but we keep trying our best.  We sent another packet home with Tony to turn in and posted a video of Travis’ book report.  From here, everything else will be turned in by Travis himself when we are home next week.

We received a special gift bag from Shelley (Christyn’s friend) when we got back home.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and making me feel special!  Thanks to Cara for a great dinner for Tony, Tyler and Grandma!  They said everything was delicious and very much appreciated!


Lynne and Tony


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