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Moving Day – Homewood Suites! 4/13/2013

As much as we liked staying up on Lake Conroe, it was time to move down to Houston so we can take care of business and get this treatment started.  So we packed up the van and checked out.  Before we left the lake, we had to get that fishing session in that the boys have been talking about all week.  Wouldn’t you know it, all those fish we were seeing from our balcony all week were nowhere to be found.  So, we ended up feeding the ducks and birds while we fished.  Someone had left a couple boxes of fluorescent green night crawlers which were pretty cool and Lynne said that putting them on the hooks reminded her of fishing with her Dad when she and Karen were little.  She said that her Dad would have loved to be out on the lake with us.  Man, Lynne can sure bait a hook!

Lynne and Travis Fishing!

Lynne and Travis Fishing!

Travis Fishing!

Travis Fishing!

Tyler Fishing!

Tyler Fishing!

Feeding the Ducks!

Feeding the Ducks!

After fishing for a couple hours, or should we say the process of fishing, we decided to get on the road to Houston.  There was a BBQ place we had been trying to eat at all week but they are only open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am-7pm.  With all of our appointments, we kept barely missing them each day.  They were highly recommended so we had to try it.  It is a small log cabin looking building and the food was awesome.  They give so much that we all ended up taking some with us.  Lynne said that we may have to make the 60 mile drive again on Mother’s Day.  It was that good!

After being stuffed, we were on the road to the Homewood Suites in Westchase to get settled in for the next 6-7 weeks.  We did a slight detour by the airport so that we would know the ins and outs for coming and going over these next weeks.  It is a huge airport but pretty easy to navigate our way around.  We arrived at the hotel later in the afternoon and talked with some of the staff we had met the week prior.  Everyone was so welcoming and understanding of our situation.  They said they would take care of us like family.  The hotel has a basketball goal and small tennis court so we had to go out and shoot a few hoops and we played some soccer-tennis (basically like tennis but kicking a soccer ball back and forth).  The Westchase area is pretty busy but everything we need is really close to the hotel.  We found the McDonalds, Kroger (grocery store), Walmart, Target, Bank, Movie Theater, Mall and just about everything else you can imagine.  There is a Catholic Church right across the street.  And to top it off, Lynne found a Trader Joes which makes everything feel like home.

We have a nice suite with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. They offer free breakfast every day and free dinners Monday through Thursday.  We went ahead and stocked up on the essentials just to be sure we are covered no matter what.  We are all settled in!


Tony and Lynne


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