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Time to Relax! 4/7/2013

After 20+ hours of driving over these last 2 days, it was nice to have a relaxing day checking out the area around Lake Conroe.  There are lots of boats, fishing, ducks and cool things to see.  We decided to spend most of the day outside of the car.  Imagine that!

We celebrated the 1 month anniversary of Travis’ surgery and he decided we would go to Chili’s for dinner.  To see him running around now, you would never guess that he had brain surgery a month ago. We have Travis’ consultation appointment on Monday to get things started.  Here we go…

These are the Answers to our Trivia Questions:

1. The maximum elevation on I-8 when crossing the mountains from San Diego to Arizona is just over 4000 feet.

2. Nothing…just kidding!  You see a lot of Cactus between Pheonix and Tucson, AZ but not much of anything else.

3. The speed limit on I-8 in the Arizona Desert is 75 MPH.

4. The large musical instrument the cactus of the Arizona desert is named after the Organ Pipe.

5. The river you cross when leaving California into Arizona is the Colorado River.

6. The two major interstates that meet at Grand Junction, Arizona are I-8 and I-10.

7. Nothing…just kidding!  You see a lot of desert and rock formations between El Paso and San Antonio, TX.

8. The Alamo (not the rental car company) is located in San Antonio, TX.

9. General Sam Houston was the President of the Republic of Texas and commanded the Texan Revolution defeating the Mexican Army in the battle of San Jacinto that led to the independent country of Texas.  Their battle cry was “Remember the Alamo!”

10. The speed limit is 80 MPH throughout most of the Texas desert between El Paso and San Antonio.

We hope you are the big winner!


Tony and Lynne


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