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El Paso, TX…half way there! 4/5/2013

Carlsbad in our rear view mirror is kind of bitter sweet but we know this is the right decision to help Travis beat this thing.  We are so thankful to have our friend Maggie as such a great house and dog sitter.  We know Cisco is in great hands and thanks for taking care of everything!

Tyler had something important he wanted to do in his leadership class today at school so we waited to pick him up at 12pm.  When we arrived, the school counselor, Laura Martin, asked to speak with us since we had notified the school about our situation.  She and some of the staff had gone together to get us “Strength” and “Healing” necklaces.  She said that even though we will not all be together, we will still be connected.  She also included some Art Lessons at their art studio.  Perfect!  Thanks so much for your special thoughts!

Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Arizona

Kids these days know how to travel!

Kids these days know how to travel!


McDonald's and McFlurries!

McDonald’s and McFlurries!

During our loooooooooooooong drive (10+ hours) to El Paso, TX, we decided to come up with some trivia questions.  What else are we going to do after the Kindle, Movies, Wii, Adventures in Odyssey, snacks, McFlurries, and hours upon hours of desert?  We will post the questions tomorrow for a little fun.


Lynne and Tony


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