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Houston Contacts and MD Anderson Links 4/3/2013

In talking about our situation and word spreading, we have been very fortunate in that so many people have shared their stories and/or personal experiences with us.  We have also been blessed with some people having very close contacts in Houston and they have been great sources of information for us.  As it turns out, Mark D. has a very close friend who is a doctor at MD Anderson.  In fact, he is a resident in the Proton Therapy Center where Travis will be having his treatments.  Go figure!  Also, Mark has another close friend who is a nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital which is right next to MD Anderson.  Talk about a small world!  We have been in touch with both of them and they have provided a lot of information about what to expect and the area in general.  Then Lynne’s friend Lucy from preschool has a nephew who is a doctor in Houston and she has been in touch with him to let him know our situation.  He has offered to help us in any way he can.  So, we do feel more comfortable knowing a little more and having people to support us while we are in Houston.  Thanks Mark and Lucy!


We were out doing some running around in preparation for our trip and returned to a wonderful dinner from the Bradley family.  Thanks you guys for all you did!


As far as MD Anderson, we have listed a few links below that we have found useful.  They do a pretty good job explaining Proton Therapy and what the treatment will be like for Travis, especially the first video is presented by kids.


MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center:



Proton Therapy Q&A:




Proton Therapy Videos:







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