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ECC Garden Planting and Aunt Karen Arrived Today 3/28/2013

Sarah arranged to have a tree dedicated at school in honor of Travis.  The class also decided to plant some cantaloupe in the school garden for our little gardener.  All of the kids in Mrs. Roberts’ class created “Wish Sticks” where they made wishes for Travis and planted them in the garden too.  Wow!  Thanks Sarah, Kileen, Ellyse for all your stick painting and Mrs. Roberts’ class for your support of Travis.

Travis’ Aunt Karen arrived today and it is great to have her here!  She went straight from the airport to ECC for the garden planting. She said that even though she can’t be here all the time to help us out, she is glad to know that we have such a great support system.

Clarksville Academy Cougars!

Clarksville Academy Cougars!



Lynne and Tony


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