1 Year Anniversary of Travis’ Brain Surgery! 3/7/2014

It was Thursday, March 7th, 2013 and Tyler woke up that morning and created a video for Travis so that he could see our dog Cisco, his room, all of his toys and the rest of our house.  It was really nice that Tyler did that and he kept telling Travis that everything was going to […]


1 Year Anniversary of Travis’ Brain Tumor Diagnosis! 3/6/2014

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2013, we woke up in the hospital and found out that the doctors wanted to do an additional MRI of Travis’ head and full spine.  They had done an MRI of his head on Tuesday and wanted to do a more detailed scan.  Tony remembered thinking that it didn’t sound good […]

A Little Divine Intervention! 1/8/2014

On Thursday, we had our appointment with the Neuro-Oncologist and had lab work done to check Travis’ counts.  The good news is that most of his counts are stabilizing after the chemo and we did not need to do a transfusion.  The White Blood Count is slowly rising but still has a ways to go […]

Happy New Year! 1/2/2014

Happy New Year everyone!!!  It is hard to believe it is 2014 already but we are glad that we are putting 2013 in our rear view mirror.  It has been a challenging yet amazing year in so many ways.  We have faced so many obstacles, especially Travis, but we tried to take them one at […]

Knock, Knock – Bake Sale (Not April Fool’s) 4/1/2013

Knock, Knock, its Abbie, Emily and Courtney (Debbie and Heather too)!  Apparently the girls decided they were going to do a cookie bake sale to help Travis with his travel to Houston or at least to help cover his McFlurries while we are there.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke…this is real!  So, […]

Happy Easter! 3/31/2013

Happy Easter from the Selinka family!  We made it to the 9:30am Easter Mass and although it was crowded, it meant so much for us to be there.  We were invited to bring up the Gifts which was very special for us on this special day. We stopped by to see our friends, Shannon and […]

Good Friday and Friday Night Lights 3/29/2013

Good Friday was the last day of school before spring break and was the last day of school for Travis until the end of May.  Mrs. Roberts has been so great about keeping him up to speed and preparing work for him to do while he is out in Houston.  So, even though he won’t […]

ECC Garden Planting and Aunt Karen Arrived Today 3/28/2013

Sarah arranged to have a tree dedicated at school in honor of Travis.  The class also decided to plant some cantaloupe in the school garden for our little gardener.  All of the kids in Mrs. Roberts’ class created “Wish Sticks” where they made wishes for Travis and planted them in the garden too.  Wow!  Thanks […]

Stitches are Out and Soccer Practice 3/27/2013

This morning we had our appointment to have Travis’ stiches removed and will be the last time we see the neuro-surgeons for several months.   Nothing personal Dr. Levy and Dr. Sack but that is a good thing!  Travis (and Lynne) went to school again today for more than 3 hours.  Lynne has been staying with […]

Fish Printing Art Lesson and Sam’s School Visit 3/26/2013

Lynne helps with the Arts Attack program at school and Mrs. Roberts wanted to do a Fish Printing project with the class.  This was originally scheduled for a couple of weeks ago but was switched since we were in the hospital and Travis wanted to participate.  Basically this involves taking a real fish (not live, […]