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Mission Building Day and Yoga Video 3/21/2013

Today was Mission Building day at school and Travis had set a goal of being there to help his project team.  He was there more than 3 hours and had a great time working with his classmates.  Sarah was working with Travis’ group and commented that he really enjoyed himself and seemed to forget about everything he had been going through for a while.  Travis said he was tired at the end but so were the parents who helped with the projects.


We also received a Yoga/Ocean Breathing video link from the class with a very inspirational and uplifting message for Travis.

“We are endlessly inspired by how brave and strong YOU are. And in the moments when you don’t feel that way, please know that WE are brave and strong for you.”


Thanks so much to Miss Cristina (Yoga Instructor), Mrs. Roberts (Videographer) and all of the class (Video Stars) for creating this video for Travis (and us)!  It makes us feel like we can face anything knowing everyone is with us.

Thanks everyone!

Tony and Lynne


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