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First Day Back at School 3/20/2013

Travis went to school today for about an hour and a half. He was excited at first but then it took us 30 minutes to get him out of the car. Turns out he was very nervous. He said that he was not sure what all the kids would think.  Mrs. Roberts made him feel very loved.  She hugged him and asked him to sit down at his desk so that the class could continue on with their math work.  That was just what he needed.  We looked around and all of the kids had smiles on their faces.  After he was there and started working on his math, he was fine. He said that he was glad he came back and was looking forward to the Mission Build tomorrow. He had a good day!


To top things off, we received the results of the lumbar puncture and the spinal fluid came back negative.  All and all, a great day!


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