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Gifts from Bethlehem Preschool 3/13/2013

IMG_20130313_ResizedImage_1363222197156Travis had a good day eating a lot and Tyler came to visit.  The teachers at Lynne’s Preschool (Bethlehem), made a basket full of all of Travis’ favorite things.  There was gardening items, drawing pencils, paint sets, art paper, activity books and puzzle books.  Totally awesome!

Travis has been doing physical therapy the last few days to help build up his strength again and get his range of motion back.  It tires him out for a little while but he bounces back quickly.  It is a necessary step for him to keep progressing.

There is a chance we may be heading home on Thursday and we will begin preparing for our next journey.

As parents, we have faced our share of challenges this past year but never thought in a million years we would be in this situation. All we can do is face things head on, take one step at a time and have faith that everything will work out.


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