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Travis Update 3/12/2013

The goal for Tuesday was to keep Travis eating, drinking and getting out of bed as much as possible so that he can continue building his strength.  He was alert and feeling good most of the day.  He started out eating pieces of a blueberry muffin, PB&J and washing it all down with chocolate milk.  Then mommy brought in his special request of an Oreo cookie McFlurry which didn’t last long.  The physical therapist came in the morning and had Travis sit up against the bed and kick the ball with her.  They also played catch for about 15 minutes.  Overall, he had a good day and even got by with plain Tylenol during the afternoon.  These are all small steps towards our goal of getting him home.

On the down side, we met with the neuro-oncologist in the afternoon and he confirmed that the tumor was malignant.  This means that even though the surgery to remove it was very successful, Travis will need to have further treatment of radiation and chemotherapy to make sure any remaining cells are destroyed so that it does not try to grow back.  They are waiting for a few more test results to know the exact treatment and schedule.  We do know that we have a difficult road still ahead but we are keeping our faith and taking things one step at a time.  Travis is such a Warrior!

Thanks for all of your support!

Lynne and Tony


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