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Fish Printing Art Lesson and Sam’s School Visit 3/26/2013

Lynne helps with the Arts Attack program at school and Mrs. Roberts wanted to do a Fish Printing project with the class.  This was originally scheduled for a couple of weeks ago but was switched since we were in the hospital and Travis wanted to participate.  Basically this involves taking a real fish (not live, previously frozen and thawed), having the kids paint it with all different colors, then pressing paper over it which leaves a colorful print behind.  Lynne had some brave parent volunteers (Sarah, April, Liz, Dorothy, Debbie) come to help clean the paint off each fish in between each artist.  The kids had a blast and their artwork turned out very cool.  Everyone was amazed at how the fish left no smell behind in the room.  Since I knew about the project ahead of time, I came in after and I kind of got in trouble for joking with the class and asking why it smelled like fish in there.  It really did NOT smell like fish in the classroom!  Really!


Have we mentioned that Rady Children’s Hospital have things dialed in?  Sam (short for Samantha) is a Child Life Specialist (aka counselor) in the oncology clinic who supports us and helps translate all of the medical language into something Travis (and mom/dad) can understand.  When we met with her last week, she offered to come to Travis’ school and explain to his class what he has been through and will be going through in the future.  So today she came to ECC and talked to the class for about 30 minutes and answered their questions.  The kids had some good questions and Sam did a great job!





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