It’s Been a Good Week! 10/25/2013

Travis’ school is on their two week Fall Break now and you would think that would mean some R &R (rest and relaxation), right?  Well, that is partly true!  We had his lab appointment on Monday and everything looked good so we are out of quarantine and ready to go.  Then on Tuesday, Travis slept in a little and we went to the movies with Malcom to see Gravity followed by soccer practice later that afternoon.  On Wednesday, we had a Kidney Test (GFR Study-Glomerular Filtration Rate) where they inject a radioactive material and monitor his blood every hour for 4 hours to see how the chemotherapy is affecting his kidneys.  Since the appointment was at 8am down at UCSD Nuclear Medicine facility, Travis had to get up at 6:30am which was a challenge (trust us).  We should find out the results next week at our Round 5 Pre-Check In appointment with the doctor.  On Thursday, we had his monthly Hearing Test down at Rady’s to see how the chemotherapy is affecting his hearing.  Again, with a 7:45am appointment, getting up at 6:30am was a challenge!  We mentioned that the test a month ago revealed that some of his high frequency hearing has been affected and the testing this month shows that everything is still the same which is a good thing (no additional hearing loss).  On the bright side, we keep telling Travis that when he gets older and has babies, he will be able to tune out their loud, high pitched crying.  Silver lining!  On the way home, we picked up Walter and had him over for a few hours so the boys could work on their Rainbow Looms.  Who knew you could do so much with colored rubber bands?  We finished the day by going out to soccer practice while Tyler had a Halloween party at his school.  So on Friday, with no appointments, Travis slept in until 9am.  Whew!  No more challenges please!  Even though his actual Birthday was more than a month ago, today we have Tyler’s B-Day party where we are taking some friends to a movie, Captain Phillips, and then out for pizza and cake.  What a fun afternoon!  Then tomorrow we have a soccer game to go to and we are looking forward to that “Rest” part of the R & R on Sunday.

We want to wish our cousin, Jeannette, and the entire Wagner family all the best as they put on their “Travis the Warrior 5K Walk” in Iowa tomorrow morning!  We know you, and all the walkers, can do it and we will be with you all in spirit even though we can’t be there in person.  We are praying that everything runs smoothly and the weather is good for the event.  We can’t thank you all enough!!!

All and all, it’s been a good week!


Lynne, Tony, Tyler and Travis


4 comments on “It’s Been a Good Week! 10/25/2013

  1. You all continue to amaze me! Travis is the warrior but he has a great team behind him:)

  2. All in a weeks work for you Travis. I’m starting to think you should be making a bid for the Today show! Keep up the good spirits and you will be through it before long. – Matt

  3. Everything has worked out well this week….so let’s celebrate!!
    lol, Mary

  4. Hello All,

    Sounds like everything went according to plans this week. How nice.
    Hope you have a “Happy R Day” Sunday.

    Love you, Mom/Grandmaw Pampaw

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