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Good to Go! 10/21/2013

With Travis feeling pretty good this weekend, we were able to make it out to our soccer game on Saturday.  The boys lost a close one in the last few minutes 1-0 but it was great to have Travis out there.  Then on Sunday, we made it to church in the morning and had our Faith and Works meeting in the afternoon.  We always like to get together with our F & W family and are looking forward to our project in November.  Today, Travis slept in until 9:15am and the only reason he got up then was that he was hungry.  It must have been the Marinol acting but at least he was rested and woke up wanting to eat something!  We had labs done around 11am and everything is looking good.  So for the near future, we are good to go!


Tony and Lynne


One comment on “Good to Go! 10/21/2013

  1. Hello LT3, so happy Travis is doing so well. I also liked your F & W group.
    You go MARINOL go, Travis has to get bigger, better, stronger, faster.
    Love you all, Mom/Grandmaw-Pampaw

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