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Travis’ Lumbar Puncture Appointment 3/18/2013

Everything went very well today with our appointment for the lumbar puncture to draw spinal fluid. Travis’ words were, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought”. Always glad to hear that. Travis couldn’t have anything solid after 5:00 am, so he asked me to wake him at 4:00 am for a snack. I did. The procedure took place a little before 12:00 and he was getting a little hungry. He asked that we have an M&M McFlurry ready for him when he woke up. When he woke up, he was ready to eat. After eating half of the McFlurry, he asked for a Happy Meal. Music to my ears. Really. He ate everything and finished the McFlurry. As for the lumbar puncture, the area where they drew the fluid is a little sore, but he is doing great. Today is a great day and we do appreciate those.




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