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Gifts from Mrs. Roberts Class 3/15/2013

Mrs. Roberts’ Class,


We wanted to thank the class and especially Sarah Givens and Deanna Archer for putting together such a wonderful “basket” (or storage bin) for Travis. Travis said: “is all of this for me?”


Mrs. Roberts, could you please read this to the class and show them the picture too if you have time?


On Friday at our house, Travis was very surprised by Ellyse and Colby carrying in a huge container of items that you all had picked out just for him. He was overwhelmed! You could tell that every one of the items had been carefully picked with Travis’ interests in mind. You all went above and beyond anything that we could have ever imagined being done for our son.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have made Travis feel so special. He misses each and every one of you and wishes he was back in school. We take things day by day. Hopefully when Travis feels up to it, he will be back. Until then, we are working on getting him stronger. Travis is a warrior!


Thank you so very much!

Lynne and Tony 


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