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Travis’ Balloons and Letter 3/14/2013

IMG_20130309_154040_939We were leaving the hospital in the afternoon to go home. Travis mentioned that since he had so many balloons, he wanted to leave some for the next person who would be coming out of surgery and would be staying in his room. He picked some of the ones that represented everything he liked. We told him we thought that was a nice idea. A little later, he asked for a piece of paper, pencil and book to lean on. We assumed that he was going to draw like he usually does. He ended up writing a letter which said:

Dear Next Patient,

I am leaving these balloons for you. I am hoping you have a successful stay/operation as I did. Hopefully these balloons will cheer you up when times are hard. The doctors here are very nice and I recommend the blueberry muffins.

Your Previous Room Mate,

Travis (Age 10)

P.S. I hope you get to see the dogs.

He asked us to paper-clip the note to the balloon strings. We couldn’t believe it. Well, yes we could. Travis is one of the most giving people we know.


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