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Travis Surgery Recovery Update 3/10/2013

Travis’ first day after surgery went pretty well.  It took a little time to get the pain medications dialed in overnight but after that, Friday was a restful day.  They ended up taking him down around noon to do the post-surgery MRI.  He did amazing going through that so soon!  The results from the MRI look very positive and although there was some slight swelling in the area, the tumor appears to be completely removed.

On Saturday, he was still resting a lot but we were able to stretch out his pain medications further each time.  The physical therapist came in the morning and had him get up out of bed and into a wheel chair.  We were able to take him for a walk around the hospital even though he slept most of the time.  When we got back to his room, he sat in the wheel chair for a while before he got back in bed.  He was able to stand and get in bed with our help.


The goal for Sunday/Monday was to get him eating some and get him out of bed a few times so that he can start getting his strength back.  We went for a walk around the hospital again.


Thanks for checking in on us!

Lynne and Tony


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