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Happy Birthday Travis! 11/30/2013

All together now: Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Travis! Happy Birthday to You! Travis wanted to thank everyone for all of your Birthday wishes in the Guestbook and he wanted to give a big shout out to our extended family at Clarkesville Academy in Tennessee.  He has really enjoyed […]


Happy Thanksgiving! 11/28/2013

On this Thanksgiving Day, when we reflect back on the year, we have been blessed in so many ways and we have so much to be thankful for.  Even with Travis’ counts climbing back up, we decided that we should play things safe and lay low for the holiday since we are close to Round […]

There’s NO Place Like Home! 11/16/2013

We checked in to the hospital on Tuesday morning and after meeting with the Doctor, they decided to reduce the Vincristine dose from 1.5 down to 1 since Travis is experiencing some nerve numbness in his feet.  We are told that this is temporary and should come back after the chemo is complete.  Once we […]

Round 5 Mission is a Go! 11/11/2013

Happy Veteran’s Day and THANKS to all who have served our country!  We had Travis’s blood counts checked today at the lab and he is OK to begin Round 5 of Chemo starting tomorrow.  The ANC has to be above 1000 and we barely cleared the bar at 1005.  So, we are going to get […]

It’s Like Déjà Vu! 11/7/2013

It’s like Déjà Vu all over again with Travis’ counts still low so Chemo will not start on Friday.  However this time, they are on the way back up so we are hopeful we will be cleared on Monday for a Tuesday start.  It may not seem like a big deal to start a few […]

Counts are Still Low so Chemo is a No Go…For Now! 11/5/2013

We had our appointment yesterday to have lab work done and see if Travis’ counts came back up yet.  But wouldn’t you know, they actually went down a little further from last Friday.  So, no chemo will start today and we will have to check again on Thursday for a possible Friday start.  Apparently there […]

Round 5 of Chemo is Delayed! 11/1/2013

Happy Halloween!  We are not sure if it is a Trick or a Treat but Travis’ counts were too low yesterday to start Round 5 of chemo today.  It is kind of a bummer because once you get all geared up to start and plans in place to cover the weekend, it is a little […]

Congratulations to the First to Fight Softball Team! 10/30/2013

Congratulations to the First to Fight Softball Team, made up mainly of Marines and Sailors from San Diego, for winning the ASA Sin City Class “D” World Series Championship in Las Vegas!  One of the Marines on the team, Master Sergeant Kirk Hood, is the father of one of Travis’ friends (Christian) on his soccer […]

It’s Been a Good Week! 10/25/2013

Travis’ school is on their two week Fall Break now and you would think that would mean some R &R (rest and relaxation), right?  Well, that is partly true!  We had his lab appointment on Monday and everything looked good so we are out of quarantine and ready to go.  Then on Tuesday, Travis slept […]

Good to Go! 10/21/2013

With Travis feeling pretty good this weekend, we were able to make it out to our soccer game on Saturday.  The boys lost a close one in the last few minutes 1-0 but it was great to have Travis out there.  Then on Sunday, we made it to church in the morning and had our […]