Counts are Still Low so Chemo is a No Go…For Now! 11/5/2013

We had our appointment yesterday to have lab work done and see if Travis’ counts came back up yet.  But wouldn’t you know, they actually went down a little further from last Friday.  So, no chemo will start today and we will have to check again on Thursday for a possible Friday start.  Apparently there is a cumulative effect that occurs over the continued rounds of chemo which can cause these later rounds to be delayed a little longer each time.  Who knew?  For all of you planners out there like us, you just have to learn to roll with it!  We are trying…

The doctors and nurses recommended that we keep Travis out of school for now with all the nasty bugs going around.  With his counts low, things could get complicated and it is just not worth the risk of a set back like that.  So, we will continue on our home schooling adventure with Mrs. Mills’ help.  She is so good about supporting us and so organized with the work which helps us try to keep up with the class.  Travis really misses everyone but this is for the best right now.  We will keep you posted!


Lynne and Tony


3 comments on “Counts are Still Low so Chemo is a No Go…For Now! 11/5/2013

  1. So disappointing:( Hang in there Travis. We are all praying for you:)


  2. Darn it all anyway! Praying for Friday! Thinking of you all the time!


  3. Sorry to hear about the set backs. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Marcia and family

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