Round 5 Mission is a Go! 11/11/2013

Happy Veteran’s Day and THANKS to all who have served our country!  We had Travis’s blood counts checked today at the lab and he is OK to begin Round 5 of Chemo starting tomorrow.  The ANC has to be above 1000 and we barely cleared the bar at 1005.  So, we are going to get this thing going.  If all goes well, hopefully Travis will be home by Friday but we will take everything one day at a time.


Lynne and Tony


6 comments on “Round 5 Mission is a Go! 11/11/2013

  1. This was a very good day !!!! Hang in there. LU

  2. Good news. Just one more after this Trav. (bigger, better, stronger, faster).
    So happy almost over, but you are too. Love you, Grandma Pampaw (aka The Pamp)
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox for you, Mommy, Daddy and Tyler.

  3. Hi everyone.we are glad it is a go for no.5 tx for travis…think about you alot…keep moving forward!!!xo terri and steve

  4. Fingers xxxxx that all goes well!!

  5. Yeah! Good news! We all want this over for him.


  6. Great news! Praying for all of you.


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