Counts are Down so We are Hanging Around! 12/22/2013

On Friday, we were back down at Rady’s to have blood work done and Travis’ counts have dropped from Tuesday.  So, we have to keep a low profile this weekend and try to get through this final dip without getting sick.  We were planning to go to the San Diego Sockers game (professional arena soccer) on Saturday with some of our soccer team but we have to miss out this time.  Bummer!  We were also invited to go to the Rady’s Oncology Holiday Party at the Bahia Hotel on Mission Bay on Sunday but have to miss that too.  Double Bummer!  But, that’s OK and we will be back on Monday to have his counts checked again to hopefully be free and clear for Christmas.  On Monday, we also have our quarterly MRI so we are hoping for good results for that too to start out the new year.

While the counts are down, we are hanging around!


Tony and Lynne


5 comments on “Counts are Down so We are Hanging Around! 12/22/2013

  1. Travis is a fighter, I hope thinks will be better for Christmas. Always, Barbara Leuer

  2. Merry Chrismas! Praying all goes well on Monday!

  3. Sorry to hear about your counts. On another note, we all were at the Sockers game last night. Great game. We saw a great half-time game of young soccer players. Hope things get better and you are back on your feet real soon.
    Marcia and family 🙂

  4. The counts may be down but the Warrior is still fighting! Take it easy and get ready for Christmas:)

  5. Sounds like the Warrior will be good for Christmas. Have a nice quite Christmas day and all be thankful the treatments are over and the Warrior is on his way to BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER. I want to thank all of your neighbors and friends (more like family) for being there for you when I couldn’t. I have met most of them and love them all and knew you were in good hands. I thank God for all of them. You all are truly blessed. God does answer prayers. Love, Mom/Grandma Pampaw (“The Pamp”).

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