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Thank You So Much El Camino Creek! 12/20/2013

Hi Everyone,

Once again, we are at a complete loss of words because they just don’t seem to be enough to express how thankful we are to be surrounded by such a great community.

Now that we have completed Travis’ last round of chemotherapy, we know we still have some of this journey left to travel with physical therapy and follow up testing.  When we look at how far we have come and head towards gaining his strength back and a full recovery, we are full of joy and optimism knowing you all have been there for us in so many ways.  We have been truly blessed!

Thanks to Mrs. Mills and our whole 5th Grade Class for always thinking of and including Travis in everything that you do.  We continue to be amazed at how thoughtful you are in your words of encouragement and special gifts that are handpicked to match all of his specific interests.  All of the recent books are perfect and Travis loves them all.  Wow!

Thanks to the entire 5th Grade for your very outward show of support during the ECC Holiday Performance by sporting your “Travis the Warrior” Lime Green (his favorite color) t-shirts and thanks to Mrs. Brown for your kind words of support for Travis.  We were completely in awe and uplifted to see such an awesome display and wanted to give you all a hug.  Maybe when his counts are back up…


Thanks to Deanna Archer for having a BOX of t-shirts made and providing each of the 5th Grade Teachers with one too.   She also provided ALL of the 5th graders with blank shirts that they could decorate themselves.  It’s funny, we were talking with Deanna about how Travis’ Aunt Karen and brother Tyler had designed the t-shirts and were having them made in Tennessee and shipped to Carlsbad.  We thought that it might be easier with the logistics to find a local source and Deanna said that she would look into it.  Wow, did she ever look into it?  Thank you so much!

Many people have come to call him “Travis the Warrior” and he is truly surrounded by an incredible Army of support.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

With Love,

The Selinka Family



One comment on “Thank You So Much El Camino Creek! 12/20/2013

  1. You are very blessed. Sounds like the entire community is behind you. Have a quiet very Merry Christmas. I know Mr. & Mrs. Clause are happy you are home. Enjoy the holidays. You got your wish, home for Christmas. Love you all, Mom/Grandma Pampaw (“The Pamp”).

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