Travis the Warrior!

Travis the Warrior!

We love receiving and reading your messages so be sure to “Post a Comment” below!  You keep us strong and help us continue to fight the fight and Kick Cancer!  Don’t forget, you can also “Leave a Comment” on each individual post in our Journal.


Tony, Lynne, Tyler and Travis


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87 comments on “Guestbook

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ❤ Have a great one!!

  2. Happy happy birthday Travis 🎉🎉 YOU ROCK

  3. Get well soon Travis The Warrior

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Stay strong Travis

  6. Hang in there Travis! You have been a huge inspiration to me and my friends and I hope this all get over with soon. Just keep on fighting like the warrior you are.😊

  7. Keep up the good work👍

  8. You are a brave hero and a great inspiration
    I hope you have the best birthday ever!

    From yashi

  9. Happy Birthday Travis!!!!! I hope you get better soon.😄😄😄

  10. Happy birthday Travis

    P.S your awesome

  12. Happy birthday Travis have a great one

  13. Happy birthday
    Have a great thanksgiving
    Have a marry Holliday
    Fight that cancer Travis

  14. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Travis, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Travis. From your new friend Leilani A. Elder😇

  15. Happy happy birthday!!!! Hope you have the best birthday ever!!!! 🙂

  16. Hi Travis my name is dalton. I go to Clarksville academy and I am ten.me and my family are thinking about you .i also wanted to say happy birthday. You are also a warrior!😄😃😉👍⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  17. Happy birthday Travis and I hope this gets over soon so you can get back to playing sports😃😃👌😃

  18. Happy birthday Travis!!!!

  19. Hello Travis this is Max. I want you to know that my family and I are thinking about you. Keep on fighting against cancer. Hope to see you in school soon! You are strong Travis.

    Sincerely, Max

  20. Great seeing all of you yesterday at church. Hope this week goes well for all of you.

  21. Happy Monday 🙂 . Who loves you baby?

  22. Oh my goodness! Your 5K walk is only 2 days away!! I’m getting so nervous and excited at the same time! This week I’ve been picking up last minute supplies/donations and biting my nails in anticipation! A wonderful young lady is coming the day of and going to video tape the event, and then with the pictures I take, she is going to make a DVD out of it so you and your family can see how the day went! Amazing friends we all have and I have been very touched by how many people want to help. The weather is even supposed to cooperate! It’s going to be a chilly Iowa morning (upper 30’s) but no rain and it will make for a beautiful fall walk! Thoughts as always to you and your family.

  23. Dear Travis,
    I hope you have a great October break. Are you going to be back at school after October break? If you are I am looking forward to see you at school. I am not sure if I will see you on Saturday because I do not know when I leave for Hawaii, so try to come to practice at least once.
    your friend, Walter

  24. Tony, Lynne, Tyler and Travis — it was so great to see you yesterday at church. We continue to pray for all of you. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Robert, Marcia, Kevin, Brian and Angela

  25. Travis, you are our nephew and Bryan’s cousin, but even more you are our inspiration, our tough cookie, and our warrior we love you. You are opening a big can on that cancer.

  26. Hi Travis,
    This is Nathan Hong and family. We haven’t had the chance to get to know you as much as we’d like but we sure love being on your dad’s soccer team. We wish you could play with Nathan. It’s great to see you come watch games and come to some practices – you look awesome!! Stay strong and know that the team thinks about you all the time. Love, The Hong Family

  27. Hey Travis,

    I can’t tell you how great it is to see your big smile! You always are so happy and have a great attitude. That is a true warrior! Can’t wait to share your website with everyone. Please let me know if you need anything next time you are at Rady’s:)
    Love- Lisa Quade

  28. Hey Travis this is Walter. I hope that you come back to school before October break.
    Since I am your friend I want to know how I can get a “Team Travis” t-shirt. I saw the picture of you at the Houston Dynamo game and I wish I went to that game also. I also saw the picture of you with a ball with the signatures. That is pretty cool. I have never gone to a MLS game before. You are the biggest inspiration and the biggest warrior ever.
    sincerely, Walter

  29. Travis, you are an inspiration! You can do this!

    All our love from our family,

    Steve, Emmie and Finley

  30. Travis – keep up the good fight and wear the cool Wave FC hats to let everyone know the club is behind you!

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
    John Quincy Adams

  31. I got an amazing letter from an amazing warrior last week-Thank you so much for that! I was very excited and kept smiling the whole rest of the day! To you and your whole family: KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT! You know you are winning, don’t you? Love you all!

  32. Team Travis is in the house!!!! We love you Travis!!!!

  33. Travis, this is a family member you have met when you were very little- Been years since that time. I am married to your mom’s cousin Jim Holwegner, we are so sad we are not closer to you and your family, But your strength is felt all the way here in Iowa, you are a special boy and we are so proud of your spirit and know you will kick this and share how God has been seeing you through this!!! Your family has been such an inspiration to many including our family, even though we are not close by we know our prayers are the best way to stay close to you and God’s plan for you.
    WE love you and hope you have a special day today!!!
    Deb Holwegner

  34. Travis, you are providing us a road map on how to fight like a true Warrior. We love you and your family. Eddie and Mary

  35. Travis – You are THE Warrior!! You are an inspiration for everyone. Keep fighting!!

  36. Hey Travis,
    We’ve been following your war against cancer and are so very proud of you. You are a true Warrior with strength and courage beyond your years. Victory is close and soon life will be back to normal. Thanks for being Travis.
    We love you buddy, Ed, Holly and Emily.

  37. Travis, you are truly a warrior, hero, and inspiration to so many! Fight on! I know you can beat it! Love you! Kathy

  38. Hi Travis –
    You and your family are an inspiration to us all. Keep fighting the good fight!
    The Stones

  39. Dear Travis- You are such an inspiration with your strength and unwavering optimism while fighting this battle. Seeing you around school is a joy and motivator for all of us to keep trying and always do our best in everything. We think of you every day and promise to bring you some chocolate and delicious very soon.
    With love- The Brucia Family (ps we LOVE the website)

  40. Travis, Travis, Travis: You are truly a warrior by every measure. What inspires us is how you continue to beat cancer in a quiet, measured way. There is no stopping you!!

    Lots of love, Martine, Tiernan, and Olivia

  41. Hey, Travis! It’s great to have you back at ECC again, and I’m proud of your strength and optimism. You are definitely a fighter!!! Stop by Room 108 to say hi and keep me posted.

    With love,
    Mrs. Craig

  42. Hi Travis,

    What you are doing is an inspiration to all of us every day. We love your website, too.

    Love, Julie, Guy, Ben, Anna, and Abby

  43. Travis, you are a strong fighter and you WILL beat this thing! You are an inspiration to us and to all who know you. We will continue to send our lime-green thoughts prayers your way! Stay strong, The Bowmans

  44. Travis- You are the MAN!!!
    Uncle George

  45. Travis~ Throughout this battle you always have a smile on your face. You are TRULY my hero!!!
    ((((hugs))))) from the East Coast…
    Love, Aunt Judy

  46. Travis, You are an amazing person. I am so proud of you and the way you try so hard at everything you do. Stay strong and keep fighting to kick cancer. You are a blessing to all of us. Love, Mommy

  47. Travis,
    You are such a warrior and an inspiration to all. I know you can beat this, just keep on fighting! I am proud to call you my brother.

  48. Travis, you are not just my hero but you are my superhero! You are doing a great job battling and keep kickin’ cancer. You are a Warrior! Love, Daddy

  49. Travis, Tyler, Tony and Lynne – sending a million happy lime-green thoughts!
    I love the idea of starting this website.

  50. Travis is a Warrior! Keep fighting the fight to Kick Cancer!

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