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1 Year Anniversary of Travis’ Hospital Admittance! 3/4/2014

Since this is a very special time for us in terms of memorable 1 Year Anniversaries, we wanted to take a moment to highlight each one as they occurred.  On Monday, March 4th, 2013, Travis was admitted to Rady Children’s Hospital in the evening for some tests to be run.  He had a difficult weekend with the nausea and dizziness getting significantly worse and worse.  He woke up Monday morning and was feeling sick again but he said that he was ok to go to school anyways.  We let his teacher know that he was not feeling 100% and we knew she would keep a motherly watch over him.  Right after school, Lynne picked him and when she found out he had gotten sick a couple of times at school without telling anyone, she went straight to our pediatrician.  Luckily, our doctor agreed right away that the next step needed to be the hospital and he arranged for Travis to be admitted for further testing.

We drove down to check in after dinner when the room was ready instead of hanging around the waiting room for hours.  After we checked in, the doctors started with some routine examinations and proceeded to schedule some testing for the next day.  Their initial assessment was leaning towards migraines since they run in the family but the only way to diagnose migraines is to rule out everything else.  So we prepared for an MRI of his head and ultrasound of his stomach for Tuesday.  At that point, we were thinking they would run their testing for a couple of days, give us something to control migraines and nausea, and then we would be on our way.  Little did we know…


Tony and Lynne


One comment on “1 Year Anniversary of Travis’ Hospital Admittance! 3/4/2014

  1. What a difference a year makes….you are BLESSED.
    Love, Mary

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