This is What Getting Back to Normal is Like! 2/4/2014

Monday was a big day in our house and a big step towards getting back to a normal routine.   Over the last couple of weeks, Lynne and Travis had been going over to school for an hour or two each day, when they didn’t have appointments, to start preparing for Travis to go back to school.  Well, Monday, 2/3, was the day we picked for Travis to fly solo and while he was at it, Lynne would go ahead and go back to work at Preschool.  That all sounded good on paper and everything was fine right up until the morning of and then reality set in.  Travis was going back to school and Lynne was going back to work.  Wow!  But, despite everyone’s nervousness, Travis made it until about 12:30pm when Lynne picked him up after her work.  Everyone in the class was so happy to have Travis back in school.  They all volunteered to help him with anything he needed and Mrs. Mills took him in under her motherly wing.  Awesome!  Lynne was equally welcomed back with surprise birthday goodies from the class and the staff.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such loving and supportive people.  First day back at school-Done!  First day back at work-Done!  It all gets easier from here, right?


Tony and Lynne


3 comments on “This is What Getting Back to Normal is Like! 2/4/2014

  1. Now we know what HAPPINESS is….
    Love, Mary

  2. That’s wonderful news!! Happy belated birthday, Lynne, too!

  3. Hi Guys,

    So happy things are getting back to normal for all of you. Not just Lynne and Travis, but for Tony and Tyler too. For almost a year now, everyones life has been turned upside down, even Cisco (poor little guy). All worth it. Love to all of you and our extended family there. Keep up the good work. Mom/Grandma Pampaw/Catherine

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