It’s Game On! 12/9/2013

After Round 5, Travis was scheduled to start his 6th and Final round of chemo tomorrow but when we had his counts checked on Friday, they were low and we rescheduled to try and start on Friday, 12/13 (yes, that is Friday the 13th but we do what we have to do).  So, we set out to play things safe over the weekend and try to avoid any further delays by getting sick.  The thing is, we actually had a pretty busy weekend planned, which combined with the crazy weather, made for somewhat of a challenge.

On Saturday, we were invited by the Sailors of VF-57 and Make-A-Wish Foundation to come down to North Island Naval Air Station for an event.  They had us come for a Briefing where all of the Make-A-Wish kids were made honorary inductees in the Navy.  Then we were treated to demonstrations and displays in the hangar and out on the flight line.  They had an F18 Hornet, a Seahawk helicopter, a C2 cargo plane, a 737 plane, a Navy K-9 team, a Navy Dive team in a dive tank, an EOD team with their remote controlled robots, a Coast Guard J-Hawk helicopter, and a Customs and Boarder Protection helicopter.  They even had Santa come in on a fire engine with presents for the kids.  Wow, what a very special day and we were so thankful that everyone went through all of that effort for the kids and that we could be a part of it all!

On Sunday, Tyler’s team had their robotics competition at Legoland which lasted the whole day.  First thing in the morning, the boys had their judging competition for their research project, core values and robot programming.  Then they were able to get some practice runs in before the robot competition started.  During the robot competition, they had 3 runs to record their best score and were consistent in all three runs.  Although they did not win this time, they did a great job in all aspects of the competition.  They posted the 9th best robot mission score out of the 56 teams participating which is quite an accomplishment when going up against the best of the Southern California teams.  Great job Team Curiosity…you guys are out of this world!

We weren’t sure how much Travis would be able to do but he hung in there the whole weekend and insisted we do more and more.  He did a great job wearing his mask to keep any exposure down which can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable at times but he powered through.

Everyone was exhausted this morning but we had to drag Travis over to the lab so he could have his blood work checked.  The doctor’s office called this afternoon and wouldn’t you know, his counts are back up and we can start his 6th and Final round of chemo on schedule tomorrow.  It is a good thing we keep our Go-Bags ready!

So, It’s Game On!  We are very excited about the possibility of getting things done before Christmas.  We are saying our prayers and keeping our fingers crossed.  We’ll keep you posted!


Tony and Lynne


6 comments on “It’s Game On! 12/9/2013

  1. Travis, Friday…13th is your lucky day. Praying that all will go well. Santa is waiting. Congratulations Tyler,
    Love, Mary

  2. Praying everything is going well this week. Keeping you all in my thoughts.
    Marcia 🙂

  3. Congratulations to all of you for keeping Travis active and relatively healthy throughout this ordeal. And thanks for your posts. They are so well written, so informative and so moving that I am often weeping after reading them, and often, as today, they are tears of joy.

  4. Great news about Travis. Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers. Congratulations to Tyler and his team.

  5. Yeah! So glad Travis is on his last round of chemo! Congrates to Tyler and his team. Merry Christmas! Love, Kathy and Bob

  6. We all have been praying and keeping our fingers crossed. So happy he’s onto the last run. Should be in great shape by Christmas and OH what a Christmas it will be.
    Congrads to all. Then onto BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER. Love you all, Mom/Grandma Pampaw

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